Guide to COVID-19 School District Funding

Alaska has received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal COVID-19 relief funds for education, most of which have gone straight to public school districts. Alaska Policy Forum (APF) has written extensively about the funds and how they are being spent by school districts and the state.  

For background information on the federal funds, click here.  

For information on what school districts are spending the federal funds on, click here.

APF tracks how each school district in Alaska is spending its share of the funds using the state’s spending dashboards. To see the status of school districts’ spending at the beginning of 2022, click here. Changes to school districts’ spending as of April 2022 can be found here. July 2022 updates to school districts’ spending can be found here. Updates to the dashboard made on September 23, 2022, did not materially change the figures for individual school districts because firstquarter reimbursement requests were not yet completed by grant administrators. November 2022 updates to school districts’ spending can be found here. 

APF updates the numbers approximately every three months, to show the changes in spending over time that are not reflected in the state dashboards. This guide will be updated throughout the year to include new spending information.