Contact Your Legislators

Who are my Legislators?

This page provided by the Legislature has very useful information. 


This online booklet also has much contact information.

Phone Numbers

Click here to see a list of all current legislators and their office phone numbers.

Email Addresses

At one time, there existed one single email address that could be used to send an email to all legislators “in one fell swoop.” But legislators were inundated with emails from Alaskans who wanted a say in state policy—you can imagine they made that email address disappear quickly.

To email one single legislator, use this simple formula:  

Sen” for Senator or “Rep” for Representative followed by a dot/period,
followed by First Name, then another dot/period,
then Last name, then (for Alaska Legislature – Government).

So Senator John Doe will be
Representative Jane Smith will be

Do not think you can contact only your geographic representative or senator. Contact any/all legislators who are relevant to the policy upon which you are commenting. If you are unsure, just contact us and we’ll help you out.

Your Geographic Legislators

The state does not make it easy to determine your district and thus which legislators represent you.  

If you are a registered voter, the easiest ways are to look on your voter ID card or call the state division of elections at 866-952-8683. You’ll need to get your district number (House) and letter (Senate). Then look on this page to see which representative and senator are currently serving your district.

You can also simply contact us with your address, and we will use an internal tool to help you identify your district and legislators.