Choose The Best Education For Your Children

Alaska is home to the Correspondence School Allotment Program (CSAP), a first-in-the-nation K–12 program that allows families to access an annual allotment of up to $4,500 for educational expenses. Students can use allotment funds to cover the cost of internet, for music lessons, to help them attend private school full-time, take classes a la carte, or purchase supplies, tutoring, or other services from other approved vendors. Since CSAP was passed by the legislature in 2014, it has helped countless families enrolled in the state’s correspondence school programs build customized education plans for their children. 

Alaska Policy Forum recently launched a campaign to inform parents of their many options. Parents, if you’d like your child to join the more than 20,000 students that have benefited from CSAP in 2022, sign up here to learn more about how you can customize your child’s education: