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NAACP Pushes Back Against Public Charter Schools

Delegates to the NAACP recently voted in favor of a resolution calling for a national moratorium on public charter schools.  Why would the NAACP take away one of the few choices, public charter schools, that low income African-American children have to succeed?  It just makes no sense that this organization...
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State sees bonds as investment capital to close unfunded pension gap

Here is a repost of an article written in June 2010 on the state using bonds to fund state pensions. June 14, 2010 Selling up to $5 billion in bonds could either place Alaska further in the red or, as State officials hope, successfully decrease the multi-billion dollar pension unfunded liability. Deputy...
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Audio: The Failed Experiment of Pension Bonding

In 2008, the Alaska Legislature passed House Bill 13, which authorized the selling of bonds (debt) for investment to fill the $10 billion pension gap in PERS/TRS. But Steve Malanga from the Manhattan Institute says pension bonding is an idea that has been attempted in other states with some terrible...
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Anchorage Teachers Free Yourself From Political Dues– A Mini-PFD

Wouldn’t it be great to put about $280 in your pocket this time of year? Members of the Anchorage Education Association can do just that if they act quickly.  This is not just teachers, it includes nurses, librarians, psychologists and all others who are required to belong to the AEA in order...
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Would You Sacrifice 5 Years of Your Life for Your Child?

  Every year, nearly 3,000 Americans die because they cannot find a matching bone marrow donor. Common sense suggests that offering modest incentives to attract more bone marrow donors would be worth pursuing, but federal law made that a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.   “The...
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Pros & Cons on State of Alaska Leading on AKLNG Project

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Governor Walker’s Law Department Gives a Pass to Alaska Lead on Gas line

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Our Recommendations to Legislature on Improving Budget Process in January 2014

The Alaska Policy Forum was invited to present its recommendations on improving the capital and operating budgeting processes to the Budget Subcommittee of House Finance in January 2014.  Scott Goldsmith of ISER and Brad Keithley also presented their recommendations to this committee.  All of us were...
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Candidate Walker’s Positions on Alaska’s Budget in October 2014

The following is a letter from then-candidate Bill Walker to United For Liberty dated October 2014 (emphasis added): I chose to run as an unaffiliated independent candidate because I believe that politics have become too partisan for the wrong reasons and we have been mired in political party bickering...
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That Blanking, Bloated, Big Alaska Budget!

By now most of us are totally confused when it comes to the Alaska state budget discussions going on in the legislature.  Undesignated General Funds, Designated General Funds, Operating Budget, Statewide Costs, ad infinitum.  And maybe that is the objective: confusion.  And the governor, the legislators,...
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Alaska Ranks #1 in Fiscal Health; Or Does it?

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University released its annual version of “Ranking the States by Fiscal Condition” last week.  Guess what?  It showed Alaska as ranking #1 in fiscal health beating all the other states.  Well, we do know that Alaska is #1 in many things including, natural...
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Budget Monkey Business in Alaska

There are some strange happenings going on in Juneau usually but this one takes the cake.  Governor Walker introduced a personal income tax bill, HB250, at the beginning of the 2016 session to help fill the huge budget hole which our government has dug for itself (and us).  When fully implemented in...
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Alaska Spends More on K12 and Gets Less Return on Investment

By now, we have all heard the outcries from the K12 public education establishment, including district superintendents, the teachers unions, and the fundraising arm of the NEA, Great Alaska Schools.  Rather than pay attention to emotional  screaming by wealthy people with bullhorns, let’s take...
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What Should School Boards Focus on?

The immediate reaction to the question regarding what should school boards focus on is probably students and their achievement.  But how much time do Alaska school boards spend on assessing and improving student achievement?  If one reviews the agenda of the Anchorage School Board, one will note that...
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Legislators: Here are Some Places to Reduce the State’s Budget

Time is getting short in Juneau and surely tempers are getting just as short as the legislative session winds down (or up).  We thought we would provide some food for thought (suggestions) to our legislators on where they could save the State some money and save us from taxes and PFD cuts. Here is...
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State of Alaska Payroll for Fiscal Year 2015 Just Released

Here at the Alaska Policy Forum we believe that transparency is always the best public policy.  As the state’s only free-market think tank, we believe transparency is the key to a more educated, involved, and successful Alaska, especially during these difficult economic times.   We believe that public...
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