APF Donors Share Evening With Governor Dunleavy

 APF’s most generous donors, who are members of our Giving Clubs, recently had the opportunity to meet Governor Mike Dunleavy during a private event.

Governor Dunleavy spent five years as an Alaska State Senator, and was elected governor in 2018. He and two senior members of his staff answered questions from our CEO, Bethany Marcum, and from donors, giving attendees an inside look at what goes on in the state executive branch that the public does not often get to see. The governor was joined by Deputy Chief of Staff Tyson Gallagher, and Acting Commissioner of Natural Resources Akis Gialopsos, who discussed the opportunities and challenges of working in the executive branch.

Preceding and following the discussion with the governor, attendees enjoyed refreshments and hors d’oeuvres at a beautiful private home. APF supporters were able to chat with each other and the governor, who was very generous with his time.

By joining an APF Giving Club, you can get exclusive invitations to events such as this, as well as insights on what is happening in the state policy realm. For more information, contact Vice President Tim Barto at 907-334-5853.