Press Release: State Spending Cuts Half of What Policymakers Claim

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For Immediate Release June 14, 2021

Contact: Cassandra Day
O: (907) 334 5853
(530) 340 2185

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – While legislators float the idea of creating personal taxes, research from Alaska Policy Forum finds there have been no substantial cuts to Alaska state spending totals in nearly a decade.

Some policymakers claim state spending has been cut by more than 40%. However, APF’s new report, “Debunking the Myth of Alaska’s 40% Budget Cuts” examines how expenses have simply been redistributed and paid from different state funds, in what the author describes as, “fancy accounting instead of meaningful decreases.”

“State spending is complicated, and a quick glance at the numbers does not tell you the whole story. This report shines a light on the shell games that have been played.”
–Quinn Townsend, report author and Policy Manager at Alaska Policy Forum

As lawmakers continue to debate the budget in special session, it would do Alaskan residents good if policymakers considered meaningful action to reduce spending and cap government growth.


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