Press Release: Legislature Urged To Keep FY22 Total State Appropriations Under $6.18 Billion

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For Immediate Release May 10, 2021 

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska – In order for Alaska to control its state budgetgovernment should practice prioritybased budgeting the same way small businesses, family units, and individual citizens often do, as proposed by a new Alaska Policy Forum economic report. 

The report, It’s Time for a Responsible Alaska Budgetwritten by Vance Ginn, Ph.D. and APF’s Quinn Townsendexplains how Alaska’s budgets since 2006 have been unsustainable, and recommends  the best way to resolve the issue is to revise the state spending cap. 

The key to determining the best “cap” each year is by adding adjustment for inflation to overall population growthThis formula will allow legislators to create a data-based target year-after-year that prevents the state from spending more money than is sustainable. 

“Our leaders owe it to Alaskans to carefully analyze every penny of state spending and to reduce waste whenever possible. The Legislature should agree to stay under the limit of a Responsible Alaska Budget to put The Last Frontier back on a sustainable fiscal path. We must ensure Alaska’s children and grandchildren will have the same economic opportunities as past generations.” 

Quinn TownsendPolicy Manager at Alaska Policy Forum 

According to the report, in order to continue living in a relatively tax-free state, the best Constitutionally and fiscally responsible option is to use APF’s simple and effective formula every year for a Responsible Alaska Budget. View the evidence here.



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