Webinar: Defending the Electoral College

America’s Electoral College is under attack.

Please join Alaska Policy Forum and Save Our States for a webinar as we discuss the threat of a National Popular Vote and how it would silence Alaskans. This 45-minute virtual event will take place at 1:00PM AKDT on October 28. Space is limited, so register here to guarantee your spot. Read on to learn more about the webinar.


Electing a president is not a process that was taken lightly by America’s Founders. After great debate, the Electoral College was created to give voice to all Americans while guarding our nation against corruption. Now, the National Popular Vote interstate compact is threatening to eliminate Alaskan voices on the national stage. Alaska Policy Forum’s Sarah Montalbano and Sean Parnell (not the former governor) from Save our States will be engaging in a discussion on both the merits of the Electoral College and the threats of the National Popular Vote. Please join them for this 45-minute webinar on October 28, 2020, at 1:00PM AKDT.