APF Executive Director Bethany Marcum Appointed to Redistricting Board

With the 2020 U.S. Census currently underway, we will soon know how our fellow Alaskans have moved into, out of, and around the state over the past ten years. The Census results are statutorily required to be released by December 31 for Congressional apportionment, and March 31 for state redistricting. But the pandemic has understandably delayed data collection. As a result, the Census Bureau and members of Congress have called for extensions, to move the apportionment deadline to April 30, and the redistricting deadline to July 31. The processed data will shed light on fluctuations in population in Alaska’s cities, towns, and villages.

With those fluctuations comes the need to consider redistricting, which is redrawing the lines for our state legislative districts. To that end, the Governor, Senate President, House Speaker, and Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court have appointed individuals to the newly formed Redistricting Board.

Bethany Marcum, APF’s Executive Director, was appointed by the Governor. In this role, she and the other members will review the Census data to recommend where districts need to be adjusted due to changes in population.

Redistricting is a considerable undertaking for the five members of the board. As Bethany stated, “This is a tedious but crucial process, and I look forward to working with Alaskans across the state.”

Also appointed to the redistricting board are Melanie Bahnke, John Binkley, Nicole Borromeo, and Budd Simpson.