How Can I Stop Having the Union Take My Pay?

If you are a government worker who is currently having union dues or fees deducted from your pay, you can stop the deduction and keep your pay.

The decision to stay in or leave your union is one that only you can make. You can have dues deduction stopped. Here’s how:

Let both your employer and the union know that you have decided to resign from the union. Here are sample union opt-out letters that you can use or adapt for your own use.

Your resignation letter to your employer and the union should state that you have the right to immediately resign from the union and any union dues must immediately stop being withheld. The letter should state that any previous authorizations of membership and/or the deduction of dues are invalid because they were based on an unconstitutional choice. The U.S. Supreme Court confirmed this in the Janus v. AFSCME case in 2018.

Confirm on your next pay stub that your employer has stopped collecting union fees or dues from your paycheck.

If your employer continues to collect union fees or dues, tells you that you cannot stop paying fees or dues, tells you that you must wait to resign from the union, or if the union at your workplace tells you that you must continue to pay them, then contact Stand With Workers or call our Anchorage office at 907-334-5853. Our lawyers may be able to help.