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Charging more for higher bandwidth usage

Getting what you pay for: Charging more for higher bandwidth usage (Regulation Magazine) Christopher Yoo surveys developments in internet technology and describes how changes in pricing plans are allowing internet providers to recover their investments in better bandwith capabilities. Read the article...
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Florida Medicaid reform brings higher quality care

(The James Madison Institute) In October 2005 Florida received approval from the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services for the broadest reform in the history of Medicaid. The plan involves real managed competition as well as an innovative health savings account devised for beneficiaries. Read...
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Texas schools improved with voucher system

(National Center for Policy Analysis) The University of Texas-San Antonio studied the effects of the voucher program in the Edgewood school district. The Texas Education Agency uses student performance on standardized tests to classify each public school as exemplary, recognized, acceptable or unacceptable....
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Infrastructure “banks” no good for transportation funds

(The Heritage Foundation) Resistance to higher fuel taxes to fund failed state and federal transportation programs has encouraged President Obama, some Members of Congress, and transportation lobbyists to endorse a federal infrastructure bank to invest in highways and transit. Read the article <here>
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Can a higher income tax close the deficit?

(The Tax Foundation) The trouble with political discourse about the federal deficit is that voters are often numb to the subject, and as a result, politicians are able to avoid the unpopular votes for cutting spending or raising taxes. Whether deficits are expressed in hundreds of billions of dollars...
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Vanpools in the Puget Sound region

(Washington Policy Center) As traffic congestion and the financial and environmental costs of commuting continue to rise, a once overlooked transit alternative has quietly become an effective option for many motorists: vanpooling. Instead of spending more public funds on public bus services, light rail...
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Eminent Domain abuse in the name of development

(Reason TV) A small business is fighting for its life in Brooklyn, New York. (Previous 2009 article)
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Take a pass on trains

(Cato Institute) Michigan should be grateful the federal government allocated only $244 million to the Detroit-Chicago high-speed rail corridor. To qualify for the really big federal rail grants, California and Florida agreed to put up billions of dollars of their taxpayers’ money — money...
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Better options than a health insurance mandate

(Insurance News Net) From Arnold Kling at the Mercatus Center and Nick Schulz at AEI: Forcing consumers to buy health insurance may benefit insurance companies, health-care providers and other special interests, but it is not good public policy. Read the article <here>
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