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Alaska Watchdog: Federal funding rules foil smart budget cuts

By Kirsten Adams May 29, 2010 As long as Alaska receives Federal funding for education and transportation, “maintenance of effort” (MOE) stipulations would prevent the State from making budget cuts in those areas. MOE stipulations are rules attached to Federal funding intended to force a State to...
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Anchorage VA clinic: $76mil, 184,000 square feet

(KTUU) Patients and staffers at Anchorage’s veterans’ clinic have waited two years for this day: the opening of their new building on North Muldoon Road. Less than seven miles from the site of the new crime lab, the new clinic measures 184,000 square feet, but with a price tag that should...
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Alaska Watchdog: Economy and rising health care costs raises unfunded liability of state pension

By Kirsten Adams After an independent review of Alaska’s public retirement systems revealed more than $24 billion in liabilities, state officials said the steady annual increases in debt were caused by a combination of unhealthy markets and rising health care costs. Jack Kreinheder, Senior Analyst...
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Beluga whales blamed for Anchorage port construction problems

(ADN) The Anchorage port cost has doubled from an estimated $375 million to $750+ million, and the expected  completion date has moved from 2015 to a likely 2020. The ICRC is now seeking a new contractor to fix existing issues and complete the project. Read the article <here>
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Opinion: Warming’s Uncertain Science

(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) Before trillions more of our dollars are wasted in a vain effort to control the weather 100 years from now, our leaders should be much more certain that human activities are actually causing climate harm than is warranted by the uncertain science that has been spun out as...
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Budget request uncovers mismanagement of Alaska Medicaid

(Fairbanks Daily News-miner) The state suspended, for one year ending in mid-2009, a school-focused Medicaid reimbursement program after muddy financial reporting raised red flags with federal agencies. The Department of Health and Social Services has asked for a legislative OK to balance its books by...
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Infrastructure “banks” no good for transportation funds

(The Heritage Foundation) Resistance to higher fuel taxes to fund failed state and federal transportation programs has encouraged President Obama, some Members of Congress, and transportation lobbyists to endorse a federal infrastructure bank to invest in highways and transit. Read the article <here>
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Can a higher income tax close the deficit?

(The Tax Foundation) The trouble with political discourse about the federal deficit is that voters are often numb to the subject, and as a result, politicians are able to avoid the unpopular votes for cutting spending or raising taxes. Whether deficits are expressed in hundreds of billions of dollars...
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How competitive contracts can help WA’s budget

(Washington Policy Center) Washington lawmakers again face a multi-billion dollar budget deficit, meaning they will either increase the amount of money they collect from citizens each year, or re-evaluate the way they deliver core services to the public. Read the PDF <here>
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Are non-profits in healthcare more efficient?

(Goldwater Institute) With the possible exception of education, perhaps nowhere is the notion of profit more widely condemned than in health care. Economic principles and econometric studies indicate that for profit health care providers are just as effective, if not more effective, at providing health...
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Former Crime Lab Director Criticizes New Proposal

Former Crime Lab Director Criticizes New Proposal
Former crime lab director, George Taft, criticizes proposed crime lab and recommends Alaska Policy Forum report.  April 5, 2010 Anchorage, Alaska – Another former director of the Alaska State Crime Lab has expressed his opposition to the crime lab replacement project as it has been currently proposed...
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Stimulate Economic Education

Dave Cuddy Every generation in America…until this one…has endeavored to deliver a better quality of life, and an improved nation to our children. For the first time in our country’s history, we have failed in this challenge. The economic meltdown is unlike anything in most of our memories....
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ASD: Competition, not spending

 Competition, not spending, will improve the performance of the Anchorage School District Bob Griffin, Research Fellow in Education Policy For those who seek a better value education (better results at a lower cost) in Anchorage, policies with proven results are the only ones that should be considered....
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Better Education Value for Anchorage

Better Education Value for Anchorage
Download a hardcopyhere (PDF). Recently, the Anchorage School District (ASD) requested community input to assist the District and the School Board in managing their budget. The question under consideration was how to close an anticipated budget gap for FY 2011. We at the Alaska Policy Forum attended...
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REPORT: Is the Crime Lab Proposal Fiscally Responsible?

The Alaska Policy Forum has released a study of the State Crime Lab replacement project proposed by the Department of Public Safety. The study concluded that the needs assessment used to determine the size of the facility was based on outdated documents. The proposed lab would include services already...
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Five Recommendations to Get a Better Education Value From the Anchorage School District

By David Boyle Recently, the Anchorage School District (ASD) requested community input to assist the District and the School Board in managing their budget. The question under consideration was how to close an anticipated budget gap for FY 2011. We at the Alaska Policy Forum attended two of the four...
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