Washington D.C. Turns a Blind Eye to Data Misuse


For years, the Silicon Valley elite and some in D.C. have allowed Facebook, Google, and Twitter to steal your personal data every day without penalty.

Just this past month, it was reported that Facebook had shared the personal data of over 50 million people without their knowledge, confirming fears that social media platforms have long been misusing their sensitive personal information.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Twitter had conducted a “shadow ban,” slowly silencing conservatives and conservative voices from their platform in an effort to censor the user experience and limit the free speech of conservatives.

Worst of all, for years, Google has been building unique profiles of its users, full of personal information, and sharing them with online retailers and advertisers. By collecting personal data each time you open Gmail or other Google services the company has generated a file about you that they share without you knowing.


Congress needs to end the free pass that has allowed Silicon Valley to spy on Alaskans.\

The Obama era internet regulations did nothing to stop large-scale tech companies from stealing your data or silencing your voice. They have been able to gather your data, censor your content, and misuse your private information for years.

Some in Congress want to use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to reinstate the Obama era regulations, ignoring Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s bad actions, and continue to allow them to steal your personal information and censor your content.


It’s time to hold everyone accountable. We need public policy that protects your information from all companies.

The principles that govern the internet need to be fair and consistent for both content providers and ISPs.

Federal legislation is needed to eliminate patchwork laws being pursued at the state level, including here in Alaska.

While some in Congress are focusing on the CRA resolution they are missing an opportunity to protect consumers from companies that want to block, throttle, and censor your content.