College Students, Join Our Team!

The application period for our 2023 Internship program is closed!

Thank you for the outstanding interest in our program!

Read more about our 2023 Alaska Policy Forum paid Internship program on our Internship page.Sarah Montalbano

Former APF intern Sarah Montalbano has this to say about her experience: “I joined Alaska Policy Forum as an intern in 2018 and continued through 2020. I credit APF with sparking my interest in public policy, as I learned about local and state issues and the difference a dedicated team can make. Throughout my internship, I was conducting research, writing about my findings, and communicating. Thanks to my internship at Alaska Policy Forum, I am now a commentator and the Northwest Regional Leader for Young Voices. I also had the privilege of temporarily joining the editorial features staff of the Wall Street Journal as a 2022 Bartley opinion fellow after graduation. My incredible experience at APF has been pivotal in developing my research, writing, and communication skills and inspired my career in public policy.”