Interested In Knowing How Your Legislators Voted On Their Own Pay Cut?

Alaska Policy Forum’s simple Legislative Vote Tracker tool allows you to easily see how your state representative and senator vote on bills. For example, 57 out of 60 state legislators voted in January to prevent a cut to their pay (the other three were absent). 

 Background: In January, the State Officers Compensation Commission (SOCC) issued a report recommending restructuring legislator pay in ways that would have decreased gross annual pay for most legislators by up to $11,000 per year. In what must be record time, legislators voted to reject the commission’s recommendation.  

 Using our tool, you can easily see how legislators voted on bills if you have either a keyword or the bill number. The bill on legislator pay is Senate Bill 171. Just enter SB171 into our tool, click Search, then click the Votes+ button next to the bill to see how each senator and representative voted.