Press Release: Alaska State Legislature Passes Irresponsible Budget

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For Immediate Release June 17, 2021 
Contact: Cassandra Day
O: (907) 334 5853
C: (530) 340 2185

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The state budget approved and passed by the State Legislature is a disservice to all Alaskans.

According to the report, Responsible Alaska Budget, the highest state funds appropriations Alaska can afford is $6.18 billion, but the figure approved by our state legislature is $8.2 billion. This is a $2.02 billion discrepancy The Last Frontier cannot afford, especially considering the recent dependency on exhausted state savings accounts.

Instead of putting Alaskans first by making spending reductions to reduce the size and scope of government, legislators have chosen to adopt a budget that creates more fiscal and economic instability.

“Nothing was solved with the budget passed by the Legislature yesterday. Meaningful, necessary spending cuts were not adopted, leading to further funding of big government that intrudes on the liberty of Alaskans.”
— Tim Barto, Vice President with Alaska Policy Forum

The long-term effects of such an irresponsible budget and oversized government include the adverse possibility of new taxes, further diminished state savings accounts, and contraction of our vital private sector economy. Either way, Alaskans lose.


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