Welcoming Cassandra Day to Alaska Policy Forum

Cassandra grew up on a cattle ranch in Northern California before attending college at University of California, Santa Barbara where she majored in English. The beginning of her career was in journalism, where she worked with various companies in locations including Santa Barbara, San Diego, and New York City.  Her switch to policy began with an internship for Northern California Congressman Doug LaMalfa in Washington, D.C. She decided to combine the two career paths and delve into policy and communications – leading her to the Alaska Policy Forum. 

In her spare time Cassandra admires her plants (who are taking the move to Alaska quite well), experiments with new recipes, enjoys time adventuring outdoors, and takes her rescue cat, Kylo, on walks. She is most excited about all the outdoor opportunities Alaska has to offer, and is interested in trying cross country skiing after practicing alpine skiing for the past twenty years. 

Alaska Policy Forum’s emphasis on traditional freedom is what attracted Cassandra to the organization. Many of the values we emphasize are the same values she heard from her parents growing up, especially from her father. She will be working with the forum as the Communications and Operations Manager. Cassandra is incredibly grateful APF was willing to accept her as a California Refugee and show her what it is like to live a life without taxes.