Press Release: Administrative Order Moves Union Dues Authorization under State Management

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The Governor of Alaska has issued an administrative order that will move paycheck deduction authorization for union dues under state management. The State will create a new process through which state employees may opt-in or opt-out of paying union dues at any time. This is a significant change; currently, unions control the process through which state employees authorize payment of dues.

According to the previously-released Alaska Attorney General’s legal opinion on the U.S. Supreme Court Janus ruling, the current process of dues deduction for state employees requires changes to ensure that their constitutional rights are protected. Using the new system, the State of Alaska will be able to guarantee that employees are fully informed of their constitutuional rights and free of coercion when giving paycheck deduction authorizations.

“This administrative order follows the recommendations set forth in last month’s legal opinion on the Janus ruling and ensures that the First Amendment rights of our state employees will be protected moving forward.”

— Melodie Bowler, Associate Director at Alaska Policy Forum

Once implemented, this new system will cause pre-existing union dues deduction authorizations to be void. State employees wanting to pay union dues will have to opt-in via their employer. Alaska Policy Forum commends the Administration’s swift action to restore our state employees’ constitutional rights.


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