Compensation Costs for Executive Branch Exempt Employees

In light of the recent brouhaha regarding State of Alaska Executive Branch exempt employees, we are making available the following list with names and the associated costs to the state of compensating all Executive Branch fully exempt and partially exempt employees for 2017 salary and benefits.

Two items of note:

  1. This is not the list of employees to whom Governor-Elect Dunleavy sent letters. We have no knowledge of those names, and this list is from 2017.
  2. Also, there are many more exempt employees in the two other branches of government (Judicial and Legislative) not shown on this list nor included in the request by Governor-Elect Dunleavy.

The total cost in 2017 was $259,200,397.72.

This list of names and costs was provided by the state via a public records request. The list can also be downloaded via the link below.