We’re expanding!

The Alaska Policy Forum is pleased to announce the hire of Larry Barsukoff as Director of Operations. Larry grew up farming in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. He attended Willamette University in Salem studying political science then earning his MBA and law degrees.

Larry’s professional career began in Germany practicing international mergers and acquisitions. A growing family brought him to Wasilla, Alaska, where his in-laws live. His experience since coming to Alaska includes healthcare management and finance, construction, and Small Business Administration 8(a) operations. His experience in the 8(a) world provided the opportunity to delve into issues related to ANCSA and difficulties facing Alaska’s remote and rural communities.

The addition of a Director of Operations is part of the Alaska Policy Forum’s long-term growth strategy. His primary role will be to carry out the day-to-day administration of Forum business, to create foundations for future expansion, and to support policy development helping shape the future of our great state!