Worker Freedom Prevails

Every government union worker in the country is now “right to work.” With today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in favor of Mark Janus in his suit against American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), government workers now have a voice and a choice. They will be able to work in the jobs they want and separately make the decision of whether or not to support a union with their hard-earned dollars.

The Janus decision corrects a 1977 decision (Abood) which forced government workers to pay unions just so they may have a job. This one-minute video explains the basis of the lawsuit quite well:

Two of our very own Alaskan teachers have excellent op-eds to tell their personal stories.  Mat-Su teacher Kathy McCollum, who joined us on the Dave Stieren radio show recently, tells her story in a Fox News op-ed.   And Todd Smoldon has his in the ADN.

We agree with Kathy: now that she and other government union workers have a choice, “government unions will be held accountable. With choice, unions will need to better serve their members by working harder to earn the money they collect. We will all benefit.”

Todd dispels the myth of free riders and points out that forced membership is more like a carjacking.

We applaud Mark Janus for taking his case all the way to SCOTUS on behalf of the five million government union employees in the U.S.
First Amendment rights to free speech and freedom of association should not have to be checked at the door and the real victory in this court decision was simply about restoring those rights to hard-working government employees.

If you are a government union member who no longer wants to turn over your pay to the union, there are multiple websites which can help. Click on “Alaska” on either of the below pages.

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