House Bill 264 Testimony

The Alaska Policy Forum believes in the value of less regulation, smaller government intervention in free markets and good public policy.

This bill is more regulation, loss of free market decisions and bad public policy. This bill imposes new regulations on all of Alaska. It decides for the consumers, by imposing state choice on them.

HB 264 is also about local control vs state control; good public policy allows local control. Alaska has a long history of allowing cities, communities and boroughs to exercise local control. This bill is state control imposed on local areas.

Alaska will be the only state imposing a fee on shopping bags. Washington DC imposes fees but it is not a state. The fee there is ½ of the fee suggested in HB 264.

None of the testimony on this bill has included the biggest users, Fred Meyer, Carrs and Safeway.

Three states now ban plastic bags outright, nine states prohibit banning plastic bags and four states require recycling labeling.

Here is a useful link:

While keeping plastic bags out of the environment may be a good thing, this bill would have a negative economic effect during a recession.