Bag the Bag Restrictions

The Mat-Su Borough Assembly has had discussions in recent months about instituting a tax on plastic “single use” shopping bags.  The tax would be applied to large retailers borough-wide. Proponents of the tax have cited environmental concerns. But there is plenty of evidence that plastic bags are actually the greenest option.

While the proposed tax would be paid directly by retailers, surely no one believes that the extra costs would not be passed along to consumers. That’s how taxation works. Taxing retailers instead of the consumers (as some cities have done) is simply an effort to make this tax invisible.

Now, the Wasilla City Council has taken things a step further by proposing a complete ban on these types of bags within the city. Some say this move is actually designed to help city businesses–so they would not have to pay a bag tax if one is passed by the borough.

But we call their bluff. And we encourage you to learn the true facts about plastic bags.

Wasilla residents have two chances to state their piece about the proposed ban in public hearings December 11 and January 8.