Governor Walker Obsessed with His Gas Line Moves the Line in the Sand Deadline

Deadline, what deadline? Line in the sand, what line? Governor Walker, do you intend to use our PFDs to pay for your gas line? Please come clean.

Here is a great article by our friend Craig Medred.  He hits the proverbial “nail on the head” and holds Governor Walker accountable for his actions and promises.

by Craig Medred

“The first day of September came and went with nary a peep out of the office of Alaska Gov. Bill Walker as to the fate of his beloved Alaska natural gas pipeline. The anniversary would be hardly worth noting but for what Walker said at the end of August 2016.

It was then he drew a line in the sand and went out of his way to publicize it in the pages of the Alaska Dispatch News owned by friend and supporter Alice Rogoff. September 1 was to have been the drop-dead date for Walker’s LNG-export project if no buyers for gas signed on.”

Read the entire article at Craig’s website.