One Stop Shopping for Legislative Bills and Legislators’ Report Card

We note that it is very difficult for the average Alaskan to follow the goings-on of legislators when they are in Juneau. We are giving Alaskans an easy way to find out how did their legislators vote and how much liberty did they vote for--our legislator report card. We all get report cards in life--our legislators should be no different.

The Alaska Policy Forum has just published the 2017 report card for legislators we call the Freedom Index.

An informed citizenry is an essential element to maintaining a free society.  To inform citizens on how our legislators are affecting their daily lives, the Alaska Policy Forum has developed a report card, grading legislators on their final votes on bills.

We are providing this Freedom Index to Alaskans so they can go to a single source to see how their State legislators have voted and how they support limited government.  This is one-stop shopping.

You don’t have to go to the state’s website, BASIS.  All the information you need is right here, including links to BASIS for a specific bill.

  1. Want to know how your legislator voted, go to Summary tab. This tab also provides contact information for a legislator
  2. Want to know about a specific bill and where it is at in the legislative process, go to Legislation tab and click on the bill number such as SJR2.

This Freedom Index is solely intended to provide educational information to Alaskans in a concise, accountable manner.  It is the product of nonpartisan analysis and research and is not intended to directly or indirectly endorse or oppose any candidate for public office.

This is not about party affiliations or labels like liberal, moderate or conservative.  Rather it is about a philosophical belief in the role of government.

We only grade the legislators on their final floor votes on legislation.  However, there are some votes that occur in committees that are just as important.


How do we grade various legislation click here:


Click here to go to the Freedom Index report card on legislators. 

Below are pointers on the various tabs:

# Vote Index TabA bar chart of legislators’ freedom ratings.  Hover over a specific bar to see who it represents, the district and the rating.

# Summary Tab gives a list of all legislators. To see the voting record of any legislator, click on the name.

# Legislation Tab:  List of all scored bills with the vote rating and justification.

# House Tab: Gives colorized state map of House districts; the greener the color, the more freedom.  Hover over the map to see District and overall freedom rating

# Senate Tab:  Gives colorized state map of Senate districts, the greener the color, the more freedom.  Hover over the map to see District and overall freedom rating.

Want to know who spends money on legislators? Here’s a tool to follow the money:

  1. Go to the Freedom Index report card and click on a legislator’s name.

  2. On this screen click on “Follow The Money” under the legislator’s picture.

  3. This screen shows the various special interests/industries that contribute to a candidate.

  4. Go to “Overview” on left of screen and click on “Top Donors” and you will see all the donors to a legislator.

See, that is so so much easier than the State’s APOC web site!

Disclaimer: The Alaska Freedom Index is an aggregation of the Alaska Policy Forum’s non-partisan analysis and rating of significant bills voted on by the Alaska Legislature during the session.  The Alaska Freedom Index is not intended to serve as either an express or implied endorsement or rejection of any candidate for public office. Alaska Policy Forum realizes that there are inherent limitations in judging the qualifications of any legislator on the basis of a selected number of votes, and legislative activities such as performance on committees and and constituent services are not reflected in the scores of the Alaska Freedom Index.

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