Alaska gets its Rightful Place on the U.S. Map

Finally, Alaska gets its rightful place on the U.S. map in national medium. Alaska is not depicted as being next to Hawaii or off the Baja coast.

Here is a great article about the importance of Alaska to the rest of the Nation.  It is from our friend, Dave Harbour.

By Dave Harbour

The 49th state’s 3 million lakes favorably compare to Minnesota’s 10 thousand.  Its size is over twice that of Texas.   Its population, at less than 800 thousand, is surrounded by America’s greatest holding of federal land.  It has hosted the largest oil field discovered in North America.  Its gold, copper, many rare and strategic minerals, coal, hydroelectric, water, timber, air and sea transportation hubs and tourism resources dwarf most of other countries’ natural resource endowments.  Its commercial fishing industry is the world’s largest.  Its “Seward’s Folly” purchase following the civil war was providential.  Its statehood compact with the federal government is based on reasonable resource development — not denial of land access by new federal laws and a growing mountain of regulatory roadblocks to natural resource development.  And, Alaska’s national defense potential, especially in view of real and imagined North Korean and Russian hegemony, is critical.








We only hope that Americans and their elected leaders begin to correctly and honestly view Alaska for the great blessing to America that it is and that it could be.

If not, our readers should realize that Alaska could be regarded correctly as an attractive acquisition target worthy of a military adventure.

Read the entire article here.