Want a Seat at the Budget Table, Then Look for the Government Union Label

The Alaska House Majority, also known as the Muskox (MuskRat) Caucus is insisting on an income tax before it agrees to any budget with the Senate Majority (Republican).  The Fake Crisis for more revenue from several taxes comes from the governor and the Muskox caucus led by House Democrats (HB115).  When one wants to know where a politician stands on a certain public policy, one should always follow the money.


And that is what we have done for you to make it easy.  Below is a listing of donations to those members of the House Majority over those years that a specific person ran for the state legislature.  The “Government Unions” column includes only those donations from specific state, education and local Alaska government unions.  The column “Government Agencies” includes donations from government employees and educators, as well as clergy, retired, and military per www.followthemoney.org. The column “Lawyers/Lobbyists” is self-explanatory.  Note that other labor unions which may represent government employees are not included in the numbers below.

So, when the House Majority, aka MuskRat Caucus, wants to take your wealth through an income tax, you should note where their support is coming from–government unions.  They want your hard earned money to grow government and keep the government union leadership happy.

It is unfortunate that this same House Majority is holding state employees hostage and wreaking havoc on their families by insisting on a state income tax.


Legislator Government Unions Government Agencies Lawyers/Lobbyists
Kawasaki $60,778 $115,121 $17,615
LeDoux $70,389 $68,710 $101,865
Guttenberg $61,083 $147,116 $17,757
Tuck $52,540 $29,919 $12,265
Gara $49,500 $70,821 $84,506
Edgmon $30,250 $10,460 $2,610
Drummond $28,000 $31,078 $9,730
Tarr $20,500 $14,424 $2,995
Kreiss-Tompkins $19,500 $29,326 $5,663
Ortiz $18,250 $6,385 $3,700
Wool $19,250 $15,582 $4,325
Josephson $12,500 $19,108 $12,974
Foster $11,850 $5,667 $300
Claman $15,750 $25,010 $34,676
Kito $10,300 $6,500 $3,475
Seaton $5,750 $21,977 $2,505
Sponholtz $8,225 $12,800 $8,475
Grenn $9,500 $7,815 $4,625
Stutes $10,500 $1,025 $750
Fansler $6,750 $1,900 $2,050
Westlake $4,500 $5,760 $4,300
Parrish $1,000 $4,225 2,050

The grand total directly from government unions is more than $526,000.  Who says money doesn’t talk?

You can find how much each legislator gets from various donors by going here.