The Impact of new FCC Internet Regulations on Alaska & Opportunities

Paul Jenkins at the Anchorage Daily Planet has an article on the impact of internet privacy rules/regulations newly passed by the FCC and their impact on Alaska moving forward in both business opportunities and education challenges.  Here is an excerpt:

“Those of us who live in Alaska understand there are real challenges to life in the 49th State. We all know a lot of the bureaucrats and politicians in Washington don’t know what that means; they never have. The Internet is making those challenges easier to face, but some people in D.C. are fighting steps to make the Net fair and open for everyone.

Last month, the Federal Communications Commission moved forward on an agenda to promote fairness between all businesses that provide services on the Internet. The move will help Alaska move into the 21st century and take advantage of the many educational and business opportunities that high speed Internet makes possible.”  Read more.