State of Alaska Payroll for Fiscal Year 2015 Just Released

Here at the Alaska Policy Forum we believe that transparency is always the best public policy.  As the state’s only free-market think tank, we believe transparency is the key to a more educated, involved, and successful Alaska, especially during these difficult economic times.   We believe that public record information should be readily available to the public, so that decisions can be made in a context of accountability.

Are your tax dollars being leveraged effectively?  Are federal, state, and municipal programs reaching the goals promised by various administrations?  Are the desired results measureable?  These are the questions that we want the average voter to ask.

When it comes to state employment, it can be difficult for the average voter to get their minds around the costs.  We have heard the refrain, “We could cut every state employee and still have a budget gap”.  Well, just how much does the state’s workforce cost Alaska?  Why did APF do this?  It was not, as some have suggested, to expose hard-working Alaskans and have the ultimate ‘gotcha’ moment.  It is because Alaskans need to know the facts and the numbers rather than anecdotal quotes.

We are committed to transparency and to fostering a more educated, involved, and successful Alaska.  The time for the fiscal conversation is now: Current government spending is at levels that are unprecedented in our state’s history.  Some have even said that this type information is inflammatory and not informational.  We strongly rebut those comments.

Our hope is that Alaskans will review the information provided and educate themselves on Alaska’s fiscal situation; that they will call their legislators and let them know what they want to see happen.  Voters are a very persuasive people when they act. Our state’s future and our children’s future – yours and mine – depend upon it.

AK Employee salary increases 10 yrs


Here is the State of Alaska FY2015 payroll, listed in alphabetical order by Department, which indicates that there were more than 17,400 employees on the payroll.  This does not include the University System and those separate entities such as the Alaska Aerospace Corporation, Alaska Housing & Finance Corporation, etc.  According to the latest Department of Labor & Workforce Development data, the state has about 25,200 government employees.

We did note that there seem to be some discrepancies in the Fiscal Year Gross columns if one adds the FY Regular to the FY Overtime.  We are not sure why this is so but we have provided the data as provided by the State of Alaska.  No data have been manipulated.

* FY Employer Benefits totals include Health Insurance, SBS, Medicare, Retirement, Unemployment Insurance, Legal Trust, Terminal Leave, Basic Life, Workers Compensation and Cash-in Charge.

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