Here’s Where to Reduce the Governor’s Budget

Legislators are pressured by special interests and lobbyists to keep funding their programs. Here is $161,000,000 in savings culled from SB22, the governor's budget. Read it and tell legislators you do not want to have your PFD fund these programs.

Request this testimony be placed on the record on the documents for SB22.

Chairman Hoffman, Committee members, I am David Boyle, Executive Director of the Alaska Policy Forum, a nonprofit which takes no funding from federal, state or local governments.  I am speaking for myself and those who are not aware of what is happening in this state.  Many legislators have stated that it is just too hard to cut the Operating Budget.  This is because of the many special interests who are feeding at the trough of state government. The trough has dried up and now these same special interests want Alaskans to fill that trough with their wealth. To make it easier for you, I have reviewed SB22 and have provided a listing of those areas/programs which are not core services of the state and not necessary to fund.  I have listed these as SB22 page numbers, line item, amount and the number of PFDs for the program.

Page    line      Name                                      Amount                       PFDs

3          33        AK Land Mobile Radio             $4.4M                          4,400

6          16        AK Gasline Devlpt Corp         $10.3M                        10,300

10        19        Dept of Ed IT                               $1M                             1,000

10        31        PreK                                              $2M                             2,000

10        30        Earl Learning Coord                $8.6M                             8,600

11        5          1% For Art Council                    $2.8M                            2,800

13        13        State Libraries/Museums      $10.1M                          10,100

11        25        WWAMI                                        $3M                             3,000

11        27        AK Performance Schol            $11.8M                           11,800

19        19        Performance Bonus DHSS        $6M                               6,000

20        17        Adult prev dental DHSS          $15.6M                         15,600

21        26        AK Safety Advis Council          $161K                                161

22        19        AK VOTEC                                 $15M                            15,000

25        8          AK Aerospace Corp                   $11M                            11,000

27        24        Troopers Special Projects          $2.6M                          2,600

29        29        Prisoner Transport Troopers   $2.3M                          2,300

36        13        UAF Org Research                   $55M                           55,000

TOTAL                                                              $161,661M                  161,661 PFDs


All of the above are not core services required by the Alaska Constitution. There are many more suggested cuts, by Department, at

One very large source of funds that is not addressed above is the number of “funded, vacant” positions.  As you know, it is very difficult to get any valid information from the Administration on these positions. I believe that there may be more than 2,500 funded, vacant positions.  Valuing these positions at $100,000 means that more than $250,000,000 could be saved.  Recommend you subpoena the Administration to ascertain the real number of funded, vacant positions.  We cannot afford not to.

big govt big enuf to take all you have


It is time to make the “hard” decisions to save the private economy of Alaska.  Otherwise, you may deepen the recession.  You were elected to do the people’s work, not the work of special interests and lobbyists.  You hold the future of Alaska in your hands and you will be held accountable in the history books which way forward Alaska goes–bigger government or a prosperous Alaska.  Thank you for the opportunity to voice my position.