Betsy DeVos Feared by Teacher Union Leaders; Loved by Low Income & Minority Kids

Why do teacher union leaders fear Betsy DeVos so much? Is it because the the teachers unions could lose power to parents and their children?

Here is a great article by Thomas Sowell from RealClearPolitics on Betsy Devos (emphasis added):

By Thomas Sowell
February 06, 2017

“Some of these charter schools — especially those in the chain of the Success Academy schools and the chain of the KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) schools — operate in low-income, minority neighborhoods in the inner-cities, and turn out graduates who can match the educational performances of students in affluent suburbs. What is even more remarkable, these charter schools are often housed in the very same buildings, in the very same ghettoes, where students in the regular public schools fail to learn even the basics in English or math.

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You and I may think this is great. But, to the teachers’ unions, such charter schools are a major threat to their members’ jobs — and ultimately to the unions’ power or existence.

If parents have a choice of where to send their children, many of those parents are not likely to send them to failing public schools, when there are alternative schools available that equip those youngsters with an education that can open the way to a far better future for them.”

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