Trump’s Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, Believes All Children Need Opportunity to Succeed

What does Betsy DeVos so strongly support in K12 education?  Answer: The maximum education opportunity for every child so they can succeed in life.

Now, who can be against that?  Answer: The teachers unions who want to maintain the status quo even though it robs students of their futures.

The teachers unions have flooded the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions committee with more than 50,000 emails/letters attacking Ms. DeVos’ nomination as Secretary of Education.  That should be a very strong endorsement for any parent who wants the best education for their child.




Here is an article by Michael Q. McShane, director of education policy at our sister organization, the Show-Me Institute (Missouri).  He is also a former high school teacher.

In a series of interviews, DeVos’s contemporaries describe her as someone who believes deeply in the power of education to improve people’s lives, and who is committed to expanding reforms that will improve it.  DeVos has referred questions to the Trump transition team throughout the nomination process, but a thorough review of her considerable record and history of public statements makes her intentions clear.

More and more parents are coming to realize their children are suffering at the hands of a system built to strangle any reform, any innovation, or any change,” she told an audience at the American Federation for Children last May. “This realization is becoming more evident as the momentum builds for an education revolution.”

The question isn’t what DeVos hopes to do if confirmed as education secretary—spoiler alert: it’s expanding access to high-quality educational opportunities for all, not dismantling public education—but whether she will be able to do it.”  (emphasis added)

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