Ordinary Alaskan Citizens Challenge Legislators with Specific Budget Cuts

It’s time ordinary Alaskans had a voice in setting the economic priorities of the State Of Alaska.  United For Liberty-Alaska is an all- volunteer group of Alaskans who have no special interest group or paid lobbyists speaking for them.  Legislators have heard from special interests/lobbyists during this session.  Now it is time for them to hear from ordinary Alaskans.

More than 50 Alaska citizens have analyzed every Department’s budget and developed recommendations to help the legislature with its work in right sizing State government, while maintaining the constitutionally required services.

We support a vibrant private sector economy.  We have developed a strategy which protects the PFD and does not initiate any additional tax streams which could harm the private sector economy.

1. With the addition of federal government money, Alaska spends almost four times more per capita  than any other state in the nation.
2. In many parts of Alaska, especially the rural areas, the PFD is much more than an added financial pleasure.  Many Alaskans rely on this to help pay for essential services.
3. An income tax would hurt working class families.  This could have a seriously adverse effect on these families which could cause them to leave Alaska, exacerbating the financial problem even more.
4. Adding taxes such as fuel taxes would have a direct impact on those who rely heavily on fuel to run their respective businesses such as fishermen or those who commute long distances to work.  This takes money directly out of the private economy simply to maintain expanded and questionable government services.

As ordinary everyday Alaskans, we ask all legislators to resist the special interests/ lobbies who want to feed from the trough of Alaska State Government.  We ask legislators to act in the best interest of all Alaskans and  right size the footprint of government to fit our current financial situation.  Recent public testimony demonstrated overwhelmingly what we Alaskans are asking from the legislature. We do not need lobbyist representatives, rather we need you, our elected representatives.

We ask you to work for us.

Read the report at: www.alaskapolicyforum.org/pubs/FY2017.Solutions.pdf