The Transfer of Wealth by Government Employee Unions–ML&P

The government is transferring wealth from the citizens to the government workers and it is costing all Alaskans. Outrageous government union wages/benefits will hurt Alaskans in their daily lives by taking more of their disposable income. The highest paid Muni of Anchorage government union worker costs more than $304,000. Here is the entire list of ML&P payroll.

Government employee unions are taking more wealth from Anchorage citizens in the form of increased utility rates.  If you read the ADN article, you would be led to believe that the 25% increase is only due to paying off the costs of a newly built electrical generation plant.  Think again.  Nowhere in this manipulated media article is there a discussion of what are the cost factors of your electric bill.  Nowhere.  This may as well have been a press release by the Mayor’s office to mislead citizens into what is really driving the exorbitant costs of electricity.

Here is a quote from the ADN article:

“Thousands of Anchorage households and businesses may see electrical bills jump more than 25 percent next year as the city-owned electric utility, Municipal Light and Power, prepares to start paying off a major power plant in East Anchorage, city officials said Tuesday. “

There it is in black and white so it must be true.  NOT.  Mayor Berkowitz, what portion of the costs of providing electricity is due to out-of-control government employee wages and benefits?  And please don’t call this “inflammatory” as you stated previously regarding the Alaska Policy Forum posting Municipal wages and benefits!  What is inflammatory are the outrageous personnel costs in our utilities.

How about this: The median cost of a ML&P government worker is more than $161,000.  The highest cost of ALL municipal employees is an ML&P worker making more than $304,000!

Here are the top 5 highest cost government union ML&P employees:




(The entire ML&P payroll is linked at the end of this article)

When ML&P raises its rates by 25% the senior citizen on a fixed income suffers.  That senior now must turn down the thermostat, turn off the lights, and buy less food, while the government transfers his/her wealth to a government worker.  Is that fair?

When the ML&P raises its rates by 25% the single parent must buy less baby formula, buy fewer diapers, buy fewer Christmas presents, and turn down the thermostat while telling the kids to keep their coats on in the house, , just so the government can transfer the parent’s meager wealth to a government worker.  Is that fair?

Well, Mayor Berkowitz, we don’t think it is inflammatory to provide that senior citizen, that low income single parent, and all citizens with the cost of government.  So here is the list of ML&P government workers that mandate a 25% rate increase: