NAACP Pushes Back Against Public Charter Schools

Delegates to the NAACP recently voted in favor of a resolution calling for a national moratorium on public charter schools.  Why would the NAACP take away one of the few choices, public charter schools, that low income African-American children have to succeed?  It just makes no sense that this organization would not want low income families to have some of the same educational opportunities that wealthy families have.









Today, African-American children make up about 27 percent of charter school enrollment.  Maybe if one follows the money, one may find out why.  According to the latest US Department of Labor, NEA’s LM-2 report shows that it contributed $100,000 to the NAACP in 2014.  It’s just too bad that an organization like the NAACP would stand in the schoolhouse door just like Governor George Wallace did, preventing African-American children from attending better schools. Shame on you, NAACP, you have replaced former Governor George Wallace.


Read more by Nate Davis in “The Hill”










George Wallace standing in the door of the University of Alabama, preventing African-American students from entering.