Public Monies Fund These Private Educational Institutions

Here is a listing of those “educational” institutions that high school graduates attend using their Alaska Performance Scholarship funds.  Now these educational/training organizations may be providing some great instruction to post-high school students.  But these are state funds and are being used to fund other than public education.  Doesn’t this violate the Alaska Constitution, Article 7?

No money shall be paid from public funds for the direct benefit of any religious or other private educational institution.”

As one can see, there are several educational institutions that are either private or religious.  The question still remains, “Does this violate the Alaska Constitution?”.  And if so, why are they being funded with public monies?

Here is the list from the Department of Education & Early Development.

The following Alaska postsecondary institutions and training centers are approved to participate in the Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) program for the upcoming academic year.

Alaska Bible College

Alaska Career College

Alaska Christian College                    ak perf scholarship logo

Alaska Pacific University

Charter College

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Wayland Baptist University – Anchorage

Wayland Baptist University – JBER / Ft. Richardson

Wayland Baptist University – Eielson AFB

Wayland Baptist University – JBER / Elmendorf

Wayland Baptist University – Ft. Wainwright

Wayland Baptist University – Wasilla (Valley) Center

*A Head of Time Design Academy


*Alaska Technical Center

Administrative Assistant 2
Certified Nurse Aid
Construction Trades Technology
Culinary Arts Level 3
Millwright Maintenance

*Amundsen Educational Center

Professional Medical Coding
Professional Medical Coding (Residential)

*Galena City School District Postsecondary Adult Programs


*Glenda’s Salon & Training Center


*MetrOasis Advanced Training Center


*Northern Industrial Training

Construction Equipment Training (CET)/Pro Truck
Driver (480 Hrs.)
Elite Combo (640 Hrs.)
Major Combo (480 Hrs.)
Pro Truck Driving (360 Hrs.)
Pro Truck Driving “Ultimate Driver” (480 Hrs.)
S/E Welding (640 Hrs.)
Ultimate Welding (640 Hrs.)
Welding/Service Oiler Combo (640 Hrs.)
Half-Time Award Programs:
Advanced Welding (320 Hrs.)
CET (160 Hrs.)
CET/Pro Truck Driver (240 Hrs.)
CET/Pro Truck Driver (320 Hrs.)
Health, Safety, Environmental Technician (HSET)
NCCER Electrical Level I
NCCER Pipefitting Level I
NCCER Pipefitting Level 2
NCCER Welding Level I
Pipe Welding (320 Hrs.)
Pro Truck Driver (160 Hrs.)
Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI)
Project Management & HEST (347 Hrs.)
Service Oiler (240 Hrs.)
Service Oiler (320 Hrs.)
Structural Welding (320 Hrs.)

*Trend Setters School of Beauty

Full-Time Award Program: