Proposition 8 Puts Ceiling on Property Taxes

Can you believe that the Anchorage government would have taken $141,971,951 more from property taxpayers if the current Assembly-voted tax regime were in place since 2008? These are the anti-Proposition 8 folks.

We have all heard about the Proposition 8, Repair the Tax Cap, on the Anchorage Municipal ballot on April 5th.  Where is the truth in this rather confusing debate? Will taxes go up, down or even sideways? Well, we are here to show what would have happened if the newest Assembly version of the Tax Cap had been in place back in 2008.  This would not happen if Prop 8 is in place.


Here are the numbers that show you what if the current tax regime(passed by the Assembly in October 2015) would have been in place since 2008.


It shows an AMAZING $141,971,951 would have been taken by the Anchorage government from you, the Anchorage taxpayers!

Do you believe the government knows better than you what your wealth should be spent on?  We surely hope not.

We are not telling you how to vote. But if you vote YES on Proposition 8, you will save your money and your property taxes will be lower.  If you vote NO on Proposition 8, (or would have in 2008), your property taxes would have been much higher–$141,971,951 to be exact. Be informed, then vote.

Here is a link to the spreadsheet showing all the data–take a look and study. You will be amazed.