Just Released-Fairbanks North Star Borough Payroll

We have just received a copy of the Fairbanks North Star Borough payroll for 2015.  As you can see, there are no employee names which is unfortunate and the listing is by position description. Of special interest are the column headings “Health” and “PERS”.  The health column shows costs ranging from $27,336 to $12,588 (not including the 0 entries).  Health insurance seems to be a cost driver here as it is in many other Alaska government entities and school districts.

The PERS column should be noted because that issue is being discussed in the state legislature.  The highest PERS cost is $30,564.  These costs will be even higher if, and when, the legislature shifts more of the cost to the local governments.  So, the cost of local government will be going up due to an increased payment of PERS and TRS for teacher retirement costs.

Here is a link to the entire Fairbanks North Star Borough 2015 payroll