Anchorage Payroll Just Released; 453 Employees Cost More than the Mayor

One of our guiding principles at the Alaska Policy Forum is that government should be limited and as transparent as possible.  Over the past 4 years we have provided as much information that we could obtain from local/state governments and school districts.  We believe it is important for taxpayers to know how much their employees are being compensated.  It is up to those taxpayers to make the value judgment regarding fair and equitable compensation.  Likewise, government employees that provide excellent services should be recognized.  Just as one shops for value in a supermarket, auto dealer, or snowmachine store, one should also be concerned of the value received for government services.

In the previous payroll for 2013 there were 374 Muni employees who cost more than the mayor.  The gap has widened to 453 who cost more than the mayor in 2014.  The median employee cost is $136,377.

Note that we have not included the many payroll cost items that make up the total cost of an employee.  If we had, the spreadsheet would be 44 columns wide.  However, we have included the pension cost of each employee because that is an issue being discussed in the state legislature.  For ease of searching, we have highlighted the total cost of each employee to the Anchorage taxpayer.  Also note that these costs are not what the employee sees in his/her paycheck.  It is the total cost of that employee to the employer, you.

We have also left off those employees who are part time and seasonal.

Please note that employee costs for AWWU, Solid Waste Services and ML&P are not directly paid by municipal taxpayers but are an ultimate cost included in these customers’ water, sewer, refuse and electric utility bills.

We cannot validate the accuracy of the data which was furnished by the Municipality of Anchorage.  These data are presented exactly as provided by the Municipality.

For Municipality of Anchorage payroll for 2014 from highest to lowest total cost go here.