Special Education Parents and Children Benefit from Education Savings Accounts

Why would anyone oppose a mother with a special needs child who truly benefits from education opportunities?

Who knows what’s best for a child? A parent? A bureaucrat? A teacher?  We all know the answer–a parent.  I say let’s hold parents accountable and responsible for their child’s education.  I also say one cannot hold them accountable unless one gives that parent the authority and the funding to do that.  Most know that leadership principles mandate that a leader must give a person the authority to accomplish his/her responsibilities.

Here’s a mom, Julie Kleffel, whose child has Down Syndrome and really benefits from Florida’s Education Savings Accounts (PLSA).  Watch this:


Here’s another mom’s comments about how her son, Julian, benefits from ESAs:

“Alexa Bloom has a master’s degree in special education instruction, so she knew her son, Julian, was going to need a flexible approach to learning. When Julian was just 18 months old, doctors diagnosed him with autism and a severe sensory and auditory processing disorder. “He would need to be in the maximum restrictive environment in a traditional school,” Alexa says.

But that’s not what she wanted for him. Now that Julian is entering second grade, Alexa is using an education savings account (ESA) to pay for personal tutors, educational iPad applications to use alongside their curriculum, and art and music specialists to help Julian.

“I’m so excited about it. Months before we got the card I was planning what curriculum I was going to teach,” Alexa says. “Education savings accounts are something that Arizona is getting right when it comes to education.””

So, ask yourself, “who can be against Julie and her daughter Faith?  Who could stand against Alexa and her son Julian?  Who?