Permanent Fund Dividend of $2072! Careful How You Spend it, the Government is Watching

Don't spend your Permanent Fund Dividend money on these things. The government wouldn't like it.

Governor Walker just announced that this year’s PFD will be $2,072.  It’s another Christmas in October which really stimulates the economy.  But don’t spend it all right away because you may want some to help pay for Medicaid expansion.  You may also want to stash some away for the likely state income taxes which legislators may require to fill the more than $3 billion budget gap in the coming fiscal year.  So, hold off on buying that snowmachine, computer, and widescreen TV because the state government knows best how to spend your money.  And once government takes money out of the private economy and puts it into the government economy, the dominoes begin to fall.

So, let’s look at those things that the State of Alaska should not allow the PFD to be spent on by citizens.  Remember, most liberals believe that it is all “public money” and should not be spent on “private items”.  The best example of this is private education should never receive “public money” because it is unconstitutional (Alaska Constitution,  Article 7, Section 1and Article 9, Section 7).  Here is our list of those things that you should not be allowed to spend your “public money” PFD on:

  • Bibles or any other religious items

  • Private school tuition

  • Religious school textbooks

  • Gas to fuel car to take students to private school

  • Donations to a religious charity including Brother Francis and Bean’s Cafe

  • No money in the collection plate

  • Lunch money for children attending private/religious schools

  • No money spent for distance learning education

  • Clothing used exclusively for private school students

Oh, by the way, the State government can spend its funds on private and religious entities-  The State of Alaska can even fund local labor unions to the tune of more than $4 Million-

Remember, it’s not do as I do, it’s do as I say when it comes to the government.