ASD Can Handle $30 Million Cuts Without Affecting Classrooms

Anchorage School District can absorb $30 million with no adverse impact to the classroom. Here is the worksheet that shows how it can be done.

We have heard from those who benefit financially from public education funding that the $43 million decrease in funding by the Legislature would seriously affect education.  On April 6th, the ASD School Board had a work meeting to discuss these recent reductions of 4.1% from the Foundation Formula.  This would add up to about $30 million in cuts for the ASD.  The Board asked the Administration to come up with cuts to offset these losses.

Shown below is the budget worksheet that the Administration developed for the Board.  Despite the cries of “We will have to cut 300 teacher jobs”, the District can save $28,720,000 without cutting any teachers in the classroom (line 40 below).  It seems as if the District has tentatively done a good job of not impacting the classroom, where education really occurs.  Of course, some will still echo the shouts of “Keep your promise” and “Fully fund education”.  But as the ASD has shown, these reductions do not adversely affect the classroom.  We say, “Keep up the good work, ASD”.

Lines 4 through 26 are those programs that the ASD began in FY14/15 using one-time funding.  Lines 27 through 40 are reductions outside the classroom.  It is not until one gets to line 41 that actual classroom instruction is impacted.  By then, the District has reduced spending by nearly  $29 million, almost reaching its target of $30 million.  The first column of numbers denotes the cumulative dollar amount saved.  The second column shows the dollar cost savings of each program.  And the last column to the far right shows the number of staff reductions in Full Time Equivalent (FTE).

asd proforma budget 2015 (1)


asd proforma budget 2015 (2)



ASD Proforma budget 2015 (4)