Apologies & Bullies

The head of the AFL-CIO Alaska has made some strong assertions regarding the Executive Director of the Alaska Policy Forum. Here they are gleaned from a YouTube posted this week. It's too bad that he feels a need to attack the messenger without addressing the message.

The Alaska AFL-CIO leader, Vince Beltrami, has posted a video on YouTube which depicts David Boyle as a bully to those who support Medicaid expansion in Alaska.  Unfortunately, Mr. Beltrami uses his platform to attempt to bully Mr. Boyle into apologizing to attendees at a recent Medicaid expansion public rally sponsored by AFACT.

Here are some assertions from Mr. Beltrami with our rebuttals:

  • Assertion: The Alaska Policy Forum works closely with the Americans For Prosperity-Alaska per Mr. Beltrami.  Rebuttal:  The Alaska Policy Forum works with many free market organizations in America.  However, it does not coordinate its activities with the AFP.
  • Assertion: The Alaska Policy Forum is funded by the Koch Brothers.  Rebuttal: We have heard this charge asserted many times by those who oppose free markets, transparency in government, limited government and education reform.  These are baseless.  Here is a link to our IRS Form 990 which shows our revenues, payroll (no paid staff, unlike Mr. Beltrami’s $185,000 base salary) and all other information we are required to provide the general public.  We do not disclose our donors because we would not want them to be attacked through intimidation or YouTube postings such as Mr. Beltrami’s.
  • Assertion:  100% of the people in attendance at this event were in support of Medicaid expansion.  Rebuttal:  We are sure that most that attended this rally supported Medicaid expansion.  However, to state that 100% were in favor is to assume.  Some were probably there to find out about Medicaid expansion.
  • Assertion:  Mr. Boyle was agitating folks.  Rebuttal:  This is absolutely not true.  Mr. Boyle was providing Medicare eligible people the fact that Medicaid patients would tale precedence over Medicare seniors because of the higher reimbursement rates.

Here is a picture of Mr. Boyle “agitating” attendees:

beltrami boyle bully












  • Assertion:  Mr. Boyle “took” cookies from the little old ladies without filling out a postcard.  Rebuttal:  Mr. Boyle did take a single cookie from some nice ladies manning a table.  He was not asked nor was he required to fill out a postcard supporting Medicaid expansion.  By the way, the cookie was very tasty–thank you ladies.

Here is a copy of the “postcard”, actually a piece of paper, that Mr. Boyle handed out to about four people informing them of the facts on the impact on Medicare:

Beltrami Medicaid handout



These are the facts of how Medicaid expansion will affect Medicare seniors.  They will be crowded out.  In addition, currently enrolled Medicaid folks-single parents, the blind, severely disabled, and poor seniors- will also be crowded out by single able-bodied people.  This is a question of fairness.  And Medicaid expansion is not fair to Medicare seniors.  And that is a fact.

(As an aside we did not realize that we were being observed by “watchers” similar to those used in Iraq by that regime.  Who knows, maybe Vince Beltrami can compete with Baghdad Bob in providing misinformation.)  Here is Baghdad Bob in case you forgot:


baghdad bob