Live Free or Die in New Hampshire

Supreme Court wins one for the kids in New Hampshire. Thanks Institute for Justice.

New Hampshire school choiceThe New Hampshire Supreme Court just ruled that the state’s low income family scholarship program which provided funds to allow children to attend private, public tuition-charging schools, or pay for homeschooling expenses could continue because the objectors (plaintiffs) in this case did not have standing.  This program allowed business to take tax credits for providing scholarships to children to attend private or religious schools.

Tim Keller, co-counsel with Dick Komer of the Institute for Justice, stated:

“This was a hard-fought battle and we are gratified that the parents have finally prevailed.  The plaintiffs’ case and the Superior Court’s decision were based on a relic of anti-catholic bigotry enshrined in the New Hampshire Constitution in 1877, which they extended beyond its intended scope.  This is a victory for all who would live free in New Hampshire!”

The plaintiffs were the usual ACLU, Citizens United for Separation of Church and State, and others philosophically opposed to private education.  The justices ruled none of these plaintiffs were harmed by the education tax credit program.  Interestingly enough, Alaska also has a recently enacted tax credit program which allows businesses to take a tax credit for contributing to a public, private or religious school.

Parents who want the best education for their children win over the special interests of those who want to maintain the institution of public education.  Poor children who could not afford the benefits of a private or religious education can now achieve their maximum potential.  Way to go, IJ.  You can read the full story here.