Anchorage School District Payroll for 2013

In the interest of providing as much transparency as possible, the Policy Forum is posting the payroll for the Anchorage School District. This allows the citizens of Anchorage and Alaska the opportunity to view the compensation in salaries and benefits that our District employees receive. These facts contribute to more rational discussion on contracts and the costs of education. Remember, that salaries/benefits make up about 89% of the ASD’s operating budget. We have highlighted the Total Compensation in  yellow and we have placed a vertical line in blue at the $25,000 Total Compensation. This blue line shows that there were approximately 6,400 employees in the ASD. Note that some of these employees may have left the District for the 2013-2014 school year.  This payroll listing is for calendar year 2013. This is a large 3Mb file so it takes awhile to download.  Here’s the payroll.