Anchorage Payroll Just Released for Year 2013

Are you getting value from your public employees in Anchorage? Here is detailed listing for you to decide. This is the "whole ball of wax". Take a look for yourself.

One of our guiding principles at the Alaska Policy Forum is that government should be limited and as transparent as possible. Over the past 3 years we have provided as much information that we could obtain from local/state governments and school districts. We believe it is important for taxpayers to know how much their employees are being compensated. It is up to those taxpayers to make the value judgment regarding fair and equitable compensation. Likewise, government employees that provide excellent services should be recognized. Just as one shops for value in a supermarket, auto dealer, or snowmachine store, one should also be concerned of the value received for services from the government.

Note that we have many more payroll cost items included this year so one can see all the factors that make up an employee’s total compensation package. For ease of searching, we have highlighted the total earnings and the total benefits. For Municipality of Anchorage payroll from highest to lowest compensated, go to: MUNI Payroll Password protected

If you would like to search for a particular person, just use the Excel “find and select” function in the upper right hand section of the spreadsheet.

For The Municipal of Anchorage payroll for 2012 go here.

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