New Blame Game Starts With Education System

Kevin Chavous writes in the Huffington Post that the public education system has changed its tune from education reform to economic equality. That system now blames parents, poor and minority students, and poverty as the cause of its woes.

The defenders of the current “underperforming”  public education system have found some new targets to blame for lower academic outcomes. These include parents, poor students, minority students and most of all poverty. Society’s ills are responsible for low public school performance and more money funneled to the public education system will fix these ills.

Here is an excerpt from Kevin Chavous’ article in the Huffington Post:

“Recently, those who defend the status quo have changed their tune from education reform to economic equality. This clever change in messaging allows those like the Rothmans to defend the status quo — an illogical belief that a 200-year-old education system is competent and blame “poverty and racial segregation… (as) the ‘root causes’ of our educational woes.”

This patronizing argument has been repeated by many of those who benefit from today’s stagnant education system.

In translation: Poor black or minority children cannot learn. This offensive argument blames students, poor students, poor minority students as the cause for our country’s underperforming education system.”

Remember Kevin Chavous? He was our great speaker last year at two school choice events in Alaska. He is the co-founder of Democrats for Education Reform and board member of the Black Alliance for Educational Options. He has saved many poor, minority students in Washington, DC through his efforts in the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program (vouchers) and the DC charter school program. Now he is helping poor and minority students throughout America speaking for them when others won’t.  Read the entire Huffington Post article here.