US Department of Justice Wants to Keep Black Children in Failing Schools

Remember Alabama Governor George Wallace standing in the door of the University of Alabama preventing two black students from enrolling? Now Attorney General Eric Holder is standing in the door of K12 schools preventing black children from leaving failing schools via vouchers.

The long arm of the US Department of Justice reached down into the Louisiana Public School System to require minority children to remain in failing public schools. Just like Alabama Governor George Wallace stood in the door to keep black students from entering the University of Alabama in 1963, Attorney General Eric Holder is standing in the door of Louisiana schools keeping black children from leaving failing public schools. The dreams of these children are just that-dreams. What would Dr. King think?

This year the Louisiana Legislature passed a program which provided a voucher to those students whose families earned less than 250% of the poverty level and who were enrolled in schools graded a C or below by the state education department. Black students make up about 90% of this voucher group. Louisiana Education Superintendent John White says that because most of the students using the voucher program are black, the DOJ’s lawsuit arguing that students leaving for voucher schools make the neighborhood schools less white is unfounded.

But apparently the Justice Department is more concerned with keeping schools’  racial composition the same than ensuring that black students receive the opportunity for a great education. The irony is overwhelming; only the players have changed. Jay Greene has more details here.