Don’t Mess with Mama When it Comes to School

Results of a recent poll commissioned by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice once again show that Americans support school choice options including tax credit scholarships and vouchers. Sixty-three percent of mothers with children in school believe that public education is headed in the wrong direction. They should know, they are closest to the situation.

Sixty-six percent of moms were in favor of school vouchers; only 26 percent opposed them. Not surprisingly, low income households and African Americans supported vouchers overwhelmingly. And why not? Generally speaking, low income and minority families are burdened with the lowest performing neighborhood schools with little opportunity to leave them for better schools. When it comes to tax credit scholarships, nearly 70 percent of the moms supported them.

The bottom line: American moms want better educational choices for their kids and want to be able to choose the best option for their kids. One would think that these moms know their children better than the education community does. Moms love their kids and want them to have the greatest opportunity to succeed in life. So, let’s empower parents by giving them choice outside the public education monopoly. Let’s give parents the power and responsibility to educate their kids. Remember, don’t mess with mama.