The (im)moral vision of the NEA

What kind of vision animates those who oppose school choice?

For those of you who were inspired by films like “Won’t Back Down,” “Waiting for Superman,” and “The Lottery,” it is easy to understand the moral vision that school choice paints. It’s a simple, yet profound vision of family and its deep hope for the future of its offspring.

What about those who oppose school choice? There are few objections to school choice outside raw cronyism or economic self interest. What kind of moral vision does such an opposition assume? What is the spring-board of its unifying vision? Check this out:

The (im)moral vision of the NEA, summed up by Bob Chanin, a former lawyer for the NEA. The most tragic part of this, is that what Mr. Chanin is saying in this clip, is the context for most decisions made regarding education policy in Juneau.